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Our own developments

NewsRodeo Digital Sigange

With our many years of experience in media management and eLearning, we have also applied this expertise to the advertising market (Digital Signage). The NewsRodeo system has been created.

This product has set standards in many areas. The NewsRodeo system can be used in different areas and at different stages of expansion. The decisive advantages of the software are its robustness, modularity, easy handling and flexibility, which are appreciated by a large number of our customers.
For more information about the NewsRodeo system visit our website

App2Go – NewsRodeo Interactive

With the increasing number of apps we developed, a subset of repetitive functions has accumulated. For this reason we created an app construction kit. The customer can now put together and design apps himself.

We also use this construction kit for other developments and expand it on request to meet your requirements to your finished app.

See for yourself how easy it is to create your own app and try it out today. You can find more information on the website

eLearning System

We have also developed a standard product in the eLearning sector ,in order to have a finished product available for you in this sector as well.
Our modular solution offers a variety of modules that we can integrate into your own solution and create your own product.

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