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Mobile Applications

Mobility is an increasingly important factor in daily business and private life. In order to maintain the decisive competitive edge, you have to adapt to users and changing conditions. The speed and dominance of mobile devices is constantly evolving and the entire IT environment must adapt to these changes.

What used to be just a website is now almost always a combination of a website with an app and sometimes even a smart TV app. Also in the business environment the daily activities have more and more shifted towards tablet / smartphone. The number of tables and smartphones has long since overtaken the number of desktop PCs and is constantly increasing.

We offer you the possibility to reach the most different platforms with the most different technologies. Depending on your requirements we can create HTML5, native applications or cross-platform applications.

Our portfolio

HTML5, mobile websites

HTML5, mobile websites

developments: HTML5

Google Android Phone, Pad

Google Android

developments: Native, cross-platform AIR, HTML5

Apple iPad and iPhone

Apple iPad and iPhone

developments: Native, cross-platform AIR, HTML5

Windows Phone, RT, Windows 10

Windows Phone, RT

developments: Native, Universal Apps, HTML5
Android 72%
iOS (iPhone / iPad) 21%
Windows Phone 7%
remaining platforms 1%

Market distribution of operating systems Status 2014 (Western Europe)

We adapt the development to the required technologies and platforms depending on the requirements. With Cross Platform Development, multiple platforms can be implemented together and thus multiple target platforms can be addressed cost-effectively.

Give us a call and we will work with you to define the optimal technology mix to best meet your goals.

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